GAAS (Generalized Autonomy Aviation System) is an open source software platform for fully autonomous drones and VTOLs. GAAS was built to provide a common infrastructure for computer-vision based drone intelligence. In the long term, GAAS aims to accelerate the coming of fully autonomous VTOLs.


June 2019 - June 2020

​3D Perception

Drone Swarm

Vision-Guided Point-to-Fly in 3D Models

Graphic User Interface

​3D Tracking


We Want to Invite You to Build Flying Cars with Us, No Kidding

Adam Wang


We Want to Invite You to Build Flying Cars with Us, No Kidding

For the first time in human history, mankind was able to soar in the sky. However, during the past 100 years, the way we fly has not changed much. Flights are still mostly for long-distance transportation but are rarely used for day to day commute. What can we do to change it?

Nina Rong


Can an open source autonomous flying system speed the development of flying cars?

With Randy Goers from the Drone Radio Show, Nina talks about how GAAS can accelerate the coming of flying cars.


GAAS is an easy-to-use vision-based drone intelligence infrastructure for drone developers to build on top of it. The drone industry needs a standardized framework like GAAS.

Zhenbo Zhou

Board Member of AOPA China