I just want to build a fully autonomous drone

You have come to the right place!


If this is your first time building a fully autonomous drone, check out the tutorials. You will need basic understandings of what MavROS, PX4 and Gazebo are, which are fundamental for the success of your fully autonomous drones.


If you are stuck, you may submit an issue to get help from other developers and GAAS team.


If you are an advanced user, feel free to contribute by helping others get started.


I want to contribute to the project

We are so grateful for your interest in contributing.


To start contributing, you need to become familiar with PX4, MavROS, and Gazebo, as well as the workflow of GitHub.


A good place to start is the open issues page. From there, you may choose an issue to tackle. You may also open an issue of your own. When you are ready, open a PR to help us make GAAS better.


For more details, please follow CONTRIBUTING.MD 


PS: One of the best ways to contribute is to help others to kick off their autonomous drone journey on the issue page.

We respect all developers who have put in efforts to make fully autonomous flights possible. We hereby promise that any issue, pull request or suggestion in any form will be treated with respect and sincerity.